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Time and light is what photography is all about. It’s that simple and profound at the same time. It has been a decade since I first held a camera, but I still feel the same raw excitement, every time I start a new project to capture the simple and profound.

My experience has taught me that a good photograph is always an eclectic mix of technique and soul. I have worked relentlessly to master this recipe for a perfect click.

Photography gives purpose to my life, and meaning to the chaotic beauty of the universe. It’s my passion and I truly love what I do.

If you are looking for photographs from the heart, then plan your project with me today.

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reportage photography

If you want other people to care about reality, you need striking photos that showcase the truth, in all its forms – good, bad, and ugly. I do a wide array of news photography projects across the globe, bringing forth all forms of truth.


The people you see in each frame have shared with me a limerick, danced their hearts out, or invited me for diner in their homes, whether it’s a palace or a hut. Every photograph in my collection has a story to tell about the undying human spirit waiting to be heard.


My photographs are the essence of my travels to some of the most astounding places on the planet. They are filled with glances of everyday life, from the most remote to the most chaotic. I am always excited to scale a new mountain, cross a new river, and go on a new adventure to get the perfect shot.

birth & new born

Bringing a new life into the world is a magical moment created by two people deeply in love. You nurtured a life inside you, both of you went through a bevy of emotions for nine months, and now you have your baby in your arms. You are overwhelmed and want to feel each second with the new born – his first yawn, the first time he laid on your chest, the first of the many kisses he gets from you, and so much more. You just want to stop time to experience each one of them to the fullest. I will be honored if you let me capture this precious time of your lives.


Your customers can only connect with what they see. And, what they see can be brilliant only if you have the right person behind the lens telling your company’s story. I have years of experience in corporate photography, clicking aesthetically pleasing product pictures, photographing events, office spaces, employees, and new projects.

Private project

Family gatherings, Reunions with best friends, and moments of glory do not happen every day. So, when they do, you should snag them in a photo or call me to create art out of a priceless moment.


Photo ART

Something exclusive, something eccentric, and something out of the ordinary is what you find with myPHOTO ART.


Seize the moments, create time capsules, and turn any instant in your life into a piece of art with the classy custom photo art I can create for you.


Weave a story around your project, initiative or personality by creating a 2-minute slideshow, and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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