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Alfred Stieglitz once said, “In photography there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.”

15 years of capturing reality have taught me that this statement is 100% true. And, it is my constant pursuit to bring that subtle touch of reality to each of your images.

Oh, let me introduce myself! I am Marie-Pascale Vandewalle, an award-winning Belgian freelance photographer, who holds the distinguished QEP (Qualified European Photographer) and a National Geographic Photo Award, among many others.

I have travelled across the world capturing the diversity of cultures, richest of smiles in the darkest of places, charisma of world-renowned golf playersand tri-athletes, undying spirit of entrepreneurs, and even the splendor of the Belgian Royalty. Each of my photographs has skillfully captured a fragment of their personalities, preserving them for eternity.

Through my camera, I have seen a myriad realities of life – the adventurous, the serene, the resplendent, the unblemished, and so much more.

Photography gives purpose to my life, and meaning to the chaotic beauty of the universe. It’s my passion and I truly love what I do.

You can contact me through email or you can also call me at - +32 479607110

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European Parliament : Colours Of India /2006

Harelbeke : Photography Meets Pointing/2006

Ghent :Africa  Matters/2006

Amsterdom: National Geography/2007

Wemmel : Belasia/2007

Harelbeke: Top Of The World /2008

Knokke : International Photo Festvival/2008

Antwerp : The Sprite Of Ladakh/2009

Amsterdom:Egcoa /2009

Deauville: Omaha Beach/2009

Roubaix : Quai 26 Golf Art / 2009

Paris: VIP Lounge London Golf / 2009

London : VIP Lounge London Golf Show / 2009

Knokke : Art Gallery Lefevere / 2009

Munich : VIP Lounge Golf Europe / 2009

Brussels : Federal Parliament / 2010

Ghent : Lineart / 2010

Knokke : Art Gallery Lefevere / 2010

Turkey : KPMG / 2010

Grimbergen : Kiwanis / 2010

Germany : Repetal / 2011


Dubai : KMPG / 2011

Amsterdam : A ' Dam Golfshow / 2011

Koln : Olympia Musem/2011

Italy : Tucany KPMG /2012

Madrid :Madrid Golf 2013

Roeselare : Te Fete /2014

PGA Cataluna Resort  Spain /2015

---> Voted European Golf Resort Of 2015!!

Dubai /2015

Las Vegas : HD /2016 Waregem /Koetshuits / 2016

International Photo Festival Overpelt / Lens Op De Mens / 2017



National Geographic Photo Award / 2007

Culture Award Waregem  / 2007

Photoview / 2010

LPGA Global Media Award Finalist /2011

125  Years Press Images Belgium /2011

LPGA Global Media Award Finalist /2012

EP/European Photographer /2015

QEP/Qualifided European Photographer /2016

Krak Waregem / 2017

Culture Award Waregem / 2017




Moving Focus

Weave a story around your project, initiative or personality by creating a 2-minute slideshow, and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.


Time and light is what photography is all about. It’s that simple and profound at the same time. It has been a decade since I first held a camera, but I still feel the same raw excitement, every time I start a new project to capture the simple and profound.

Photo ART

Something exclusive, something eccentric, and something out of the ordinary is what you find with myPHOTO ART.


Seize the moments, create time capsules, and turn any instant in your life into a piece of art with the classy custom photo art I can create for you.

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