Something exclusive, something eccentric, and something out of the ordinary is what you find with my PHOTO ART.

If you have been looking for a conversational piece, an impactful image to put on your accent wall, or an artwork to tie the interior décor, then you have come to the right place.

Right in front of you is a stunning PHOTO ART gallery, which I personally curated. I comb through my frames, and pick out the pieces that have a mystery to them, a humor of some sort, and warm color combinations that work together.

My heart should skip a beat when I look at the photo art and that’s how I know I have created a piece worthy of you.

Feel free to browse through my gallery and pick the pieces that you like the best. You will get signed and numbered prints in the size of your choice. What’s more, we will even frame them for you, on request.

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Time and light is what photography is all about. It’s that simple and profound at the same time. It has been a decade since I first held a camera, but I still feel the same raw excitement, every time I start a new project to capture the simple and profound.


Seize the moments, create time capsules, and turn any instant in your life into a piece of art with the classy custom photo art I can create for you.

Moving Focus

Weave a story around your project, initiative or personality by creating a 2-minute slideshow, and share it with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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An award-winning and globally acclaimed photographer, Marie-Pascale can get behind the camera to create photographs and photo art just for you.



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